Drain Cleaning

Drain Cleaning in Waldorf, MD

Here at A Better Plumber, we know a clog can be a real drain, and we are here to take care of all your drain & sewer needs. We use the latest technologies to get to the source of the problem and get it fixed right the first time!

We are your local plumber in Maryland for any clogged or blocked drain problem you may have. Whether it be a backed-up toilet, a clogged kitchen sink or a blocked sewer main, we are here to solve all your clogged drain problems.

To find the source of your plumbing problem, we will perform an inspection using our state-of-the-art camera to locate the site of the problem.  A Better Plumber has the knowledge and experience in sewer line replacement, sewer line repair and sewer installation.

Septic Service in Southern Maryland

A Better Plumber offers a variety of septic system services for your home or business. We can repair septic tanks, perform leach field inspections and/or repair, provide septic system maintenance, complete sewer hook ups, and even excavating and back-filling.

HydroJet Drain Cleaning Service

When it comes to tough blockages such as tree roots or items that shouldn’t be flushed, we use a Hydro-Jet drain cleaning system.  Your typical drain snake machine will only clear a small opening through a clogged drain. A Hydro-jet drain cleaning system uses a powerful, pressurized stream of water to unblock your drain. We provide a 1 year warranty against repeat clogs when you use our hydro-jetting service.

Bio Clean – Clogged Drain Cleaner

Most drain cleaning chemicals are not only dangerous for you and your family, but can destroy your pipes as well. We care about your plumbing system, as well as our environment, which is why we promote Bio-Clean, instead of over the counter drain cleaners. Bio-Clean is 100% organic. It does not react with inorganic material or living tissue.

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Why Choose A Better Plumber?

Now you can rest easy knowing that homeowners are able to contact us 7 days a week, 365 days a year, including holidays; day or night for emergency plumbing issues. When you call on A Better Plumber to perform your residential or commercial plumbing service you can rest assured you’ll receive the following benefits:

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We are focused on getting you the fix that is most suitable for your needs. Why not ask us to view your property and discuss your plumbing repair options with you?

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Drain Cleaning

Drain Cleaning Waldorf, MD

Cleaning the sinks in your Waldorf, MD home after shaving, washing your hands, trimming your hair, brushing your teeth or rinsing off paintbrushes will only go so far when it comes to preventing debris from flowing down the drains. Proper drainage of your sinks, tubs, and showers only happens when you make a conscious effort to prevent debris from entering them.

Drain Cleaning Waldorf MarylandYou can make all the effort in the world and still something that doesn’t belong down the drain can wind up down there, especially if you have children. The experienced team at A Better Plumber has more than two decades of experience providing drain cleaning in Waldorf, MD. We pride ourselves on providing you with excellent service when it comes to clogged drains, backed up toilets, broken pipes and various other plumbing problems. We respect your valuable time, which is why we arrive in the window provided when the appointment is scheduled.

Why Do Drains Become Clogged?

For the most part, a homeowner won’t notice a clogged drain until it is too late. It takes time for a drain to become clogged, which is why most don’t notice it until the water backs up into the sink while washing your hands or brushing your teeth. Clogged drains can easily cause your sink to overflow, so make sure you don’t let the issue get to that point.

Hair is a Leading Cause of Blocked Drains

The leading cause of clogged drains, especially in bathrooms is that of hair. Does your husband shave using the bathroom sink? Do you comb your hair or dry it standing in front of the sink? If you answered yes to either or both of these questions then there is definitely hair causing a clog in the bathroom sink drain. The best thing you can do is install a drain stopper in the sink. This will catch as much hair as possible. Just be sure to empty it after each time you shave or each time you brush your hair over the sink.

Using Bar Soap

Do you use bar soap to wash your hands? Stop immediately and start using soap from a dispenser or pump. The same goes for bar soap use in the shower. Bar soap is made of fat or grease, which is a major contributor to the clogging of drains. Regardless of what has caused the clogs in your homes plumbing system, give our team of Waldorf drain cleaning plumbers a call today to get your drains flowing like they used to.

Reduce the Food in the Sink

Do you have a garbage disposal in your kitchen? If so, you might wind up with a clogged drain because the appliance might not be working properly. If there is no disposal in the sink and you still have a clogged drain in the kitchen sink you might have food stuck in the pipe. No food should be sent down the kitchen sink drain if there is no garbage disposal. You will need to remove the curved P-trap part of the pipe under the sink to clean out the clog.

Local Waldorf Water Heater Repair Service

It’s also possible that the clog in any of the drains in your home is being caused by tree roots. Tree roots can grow right through a pipe leading to your home. The root can block the pipe entirely, ultimately backing up the drain into your sink and even all over your kitchen or bathroom floors. If there is a tree root growing into a pipe you will need a licensed plumber to handle the removal of the root and the replacement of the pipe affected.

Small Objects (Toys, Wipes, Paper Products)

It’s also possible that tiny objects have been tossed down the drain, leading to a clog. Tiny objects that can clog a drain include wipes, toys, paper products, jewelry, tampons, napkins and more. Never flush any of the items listed in this section. The only things that should go down a drain or be flushed down a toilet are water, bodily waste, toilet paper and other thin liquids.

Clogged Sinks and Drains

You will no longer be able to wash your hands, clean the dishes, shave, or do anything else involving the sink when you have a clogged drain in the house. Depending on the layout of the home’s pipes you might also see issues with your toilet and the drain in your shower or tub if the sink is clogged.

Toilets Backed Up

A toilet that has backed up can cause your home to smell awful. A backed up toilet can push human waste all over the floor of your home and lead to illness if not cleaned up effectively. A plumber with a license can inspect the toilet, the pipes related to the toilet, and then diagnose the issue at hand. The next step would be for the experienced plumber to remove the item clogging the drain so you can begin flushing the toilet safely. Put a lid lock on the toilet seat if there are children in your home so they cannot flush toys, excessive amounts of toilet paper, or any other item that can clog the toilet.

Clogs in Showers and Tubs

Having a clogged shower or tub in the home will make matters much worse than if you have a clogged sink drain. This type of clog will make it impossible to bathe, which becomes even more daunting when there are children in your home. If you don’t know of the clog yet, you will definitely find it when the water backs up and overflows onto the floor of the bathroom. The most common cause of clogs in showers and tubs is that of hair being stuck in the drain. Simply remove the cap to the drain and pull out any and all hair you see. If removing the wad of hair you find does not allow the water to flow freely then it’s time to call a plumber to check the pipe for more serious issues.

Our experienced and reliable team of Waldorf Plumbing technicians has been helping homeowners for more than two decades fix drain clogs and other serious plumbing issues. We can be dispatched to your home in a matter of minutes, inspect the affected area, diagnose the problem and then make the necessary repairs so you can get back to a clog-free life. Give us a call today at (301) 278-8786 to schedule your clogged drain cleaning in Waldorf. We are standing by ready to serve you!

Contact our licensed professionals today to schedule a service appointment. (301) 278-8786

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Drain Cleaning


Are you suffering from slow-draining or completely clogged drains? Are your showers, tubs, toilets, or sinks draining much more slowly than they should? If so, we can help! Here at A Better Plumber we provide fast, affordable, and reliable drain cleaning in Fort Washington, MD. We specialize in unclogging the toughest clogs!

When items wind up down the drain that shouldn’t be down there, your home can experience a lot of serious issues. The sinks of your home are used constantly, especially if you have children. Children love to explore and experiment, which means they will often try to flush things down the toilet that shouldn’t be flushed. Or, they might drop something down the sink drain like a piece of jewelry or toy that can cause a clog. There are some remedies a homeowner can employ on their own to unclog a drain, but the toughest of clogs should only be handled by an experienced and licensed plumber. That’s where the team from A Better Plumber comes in!

There is no job too small or too large that our team can’t handle. Call today to get on the schedule for our clogged drain cleaning in Fort Washington.


At some point in time every homeowner will experience some type of clogged drain. The extent of the clogged drain you deal with will depend on the severity of the item involved in the clog and the damage done to the pipe in question. The sad fact of the matter is that a lot of drain clogs are difficult to spot and most often aren’t found until it’s too late (water or sewage backs up into your home). There isn’t an easy solution out there to help you find a drain clog before it backs up all over your bathroom floor. There’s only one thing you can do to help prevent a clogged drain and that’s to clean the sinks, showers, toilets and tubs in your home often (once per week). There are quite a few causes of clogged drains, including flushing paper products in the toilet, soap, hair and cracks in the pipes.

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Hair that goes down any drain in your home can wind up clumping into a ball and clogging the drain. Hair winds up in the drains of showers and tubs most often because it can fall out while washing it or because some people decide to shave while bathing. Hair also clogs sink drains because of those who shave in front of the mirror or who clean their combs or brushes over the sink drain. Hair should be kept from going down the drain at all costs. This is best done in a shower or tub by installing a hair catching device in the drain that only allows water to go down the drain.

Soap in bar form is dangerous to the health of a drain. Why? Bar soap is made of grease and grease should never go down any drain in your home. Stop using bar soap immediately to wash your hands, face, or body in the shower. Switch to a body wash for the shower and to soap from a pump to wash your hands at the kitchen or bathroom sink.


Even if you have a garbage disposal installed, it’s smart to clean your plate off completely before rinsing it in the kitchen sink. Why? The more food pieces that wind up down the drain, the likelier it becomes that the drain will clog. If food pieces wind up in the sink, make sure you use a paper towel or napkin to clean out the debris before running the water, which would send the food down the drain. The majority of clogged kitchen sinks can be handled by cleaning out the s-trap underneath the sink. This is the pipe shaped like an ‘s’ that can be screwed off and back on by you, the homeowner.


Tree roots are often the main cause of a clogged drain in Fort Washington. Even though you might not be able to see the roots of a tree when outside, they extend quite far underneath the ground and might have even broken through a pipe coming from your home. A tree root that has broken through a pipe can easily block the pipe completely, which will eventually cause a backup of fluid and sewage into your home.


Do your best to prevent toys, paper items and wipes from being flushed down the toilets of your home. This can be especially difficult if you have children, which is why you should put lid locks on the toilets. You should never flush paper towels, napkins, tampons, pads, wipes or other paper items down the toilet. It doesn’t matter if you have a septic tank or sewer service; these items can easily cause a complete clog of your drain.


It will be difficult to shave, brush your teeth, clean the dishes, wash your hands, scrub your face and do anything else when there are clogged sink drains in your home. When these drains are clogged it will become increasingly easy for the water to backup and eventually flow over the edge of the sink and all over the floor.


A backed up toilet is never fun to deal with in the home. A toilet that will not flush properly will send bodily fluid and other waste all over the floor of the bathroom. If left too long before making repairs, the toilet clog could wind up causing a health issue. The experienced team from A Better Plumber can diagnose the location and severity of the clog and make the necessary repairs so you don’t have to worry about sewage backing up into your home.


The drains of your showers and tubs can also suffer clogs. When these two items suffer clogs you won’t be able to get a shower or a bath, affecting your personal hygiene. This problem is exacerbated when you have children in the home or when there are a lot of people living in your home as no one will be able to use the shower or the tub until the drain has been unclogged.

Schedule Your Drain Cleaning in Fort Washington Today!

Have you experienced any of the drain clogs mentioned here? Do you need to have an experienced and trusted plumber come to your home to diagnose a clog? If so, it’s time to call A Better Plumber in Fort Washington to schedule an appointment for service. Call the office at 301-278-8786 or complete the contact form online to book your appointment.

Why Choose A Better Plumber?

When you make the choice to contact A Better Plumber to schedule your clogged drain cleaning in Fort Washington you can rest assured that you will receive an unparalleled level of service. Customers choose us to meet their plumbing needs because we provide the following advantages over the other companies you may find online.

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Drain Cleaning

Drain Cleaning in Clinton, MD

Satisfaction GuaranteedClogged drains are one of the most common plumbing problems reported, and they can be a real hassle to deal with. If you have a clogged drain in your home or business, A Better Plumber can help! When you need drain cleaning in Clinton, MD, pick up the phone and call (301) 278-8786, Our licensed plumbers have many years of experience and can quickly remedy any kind of clogged drain that you may have. After being in business for more than two decades, you can rest assured that A Better Plumber proudly offers superior drain cleaning services to remove all types of clogs.

Common Causes of Clogged Drains

Clogs inside a drain can be large or small and may build up over time or be the result of something large being put down a drain. No matter the cause of the clog, you can count on A Better Plumber for expert drain cleaning services to resolve the issue. Some of the most common causes of clogged drains include:

Contact our licensed professionals today to schedule a service appointment. (301) 278-8786

Clogged Sink Drains

Kitchen sinks often become clogged, but it is possible for bathroom sinks to develop clogs as well. Since clogs in a kitchen sink drain are often caused by grease or food debris, you may notice that your kitchen sink drain may begin to emit a foul odor before becoming clogged completely.  A bathroom sink drain clog may be caused by soap build up, toothpaste build up, or foreign objects, such as dental floss or cotton swabs.

Backed Up Toilets

A plunger can be a useful tool for very minor toilet clogs that can easily be dislodged, but if you have a serious clog inside your toilet drain, a plunger most likely will not be very effective. If you have a toilet that is backing up regularly, you will need the assistance of a plumber who has the tools and equipment needed to remove a stubborn toilet clog. Toilet back ups are typically caused by flushing things down the toilet that do not belong, such as paper towels, “flushable” wipes, and feminine hygiene products, just to name a few things.

Clogged Tubs and Shower Drains

When you have a clogged tub or shower drain, it can make showering and bathing difficult. In most cases, a clogged tub or shower drain is caused by a combination of hair and soap. When hair and soap collects in the drain, it creates a mass that prevents water from draining properly and the drain will eventually become clogged. While you may be tempted to purchase a bottle of drain cleaner from the store to combat a clog in your tub or shower drain, you will get much better and more long-lasting results if you hire a plumber for a drain cleaning service.

Why Choose A Better Plumber?

When you make the choice to contact A Better Plumber to schedule plumbing service in your Clinton home you can rest assured that you will recieve an unparrelled level of service. Customers choose us to meet their plumbing needs because we provide the following advantages over the other companies you may find online.

Schedule Same Day Drain Cleaning in Clinton Today!

There is no reason for you to deal with slow or clogged drains, A Better Plumber can take care of drain clogs quickly so your drains work properly. Our team of licensed plumbers have the equipment and skills needed to remove all types of clogs, no matter how large they may be. If you’re in need of professional drain cleaning in Clinton, MD, contact us at (301) 278- 8786 today to schedule your appointment.

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Drain Cleaning

Drain Cleaning in Lexington Park, MD

Are you suffering from completely clogged, backed up, or slow draining sinks, toilets, or tubs? Are you searching for a local and affordable plumbing company to unclog your drains? If so, A Better Plumber is here to help! Here at A Better Plumber we are the leading provider of clogged drain cleaning in Lexington Park, Maryland. In fact, we serve all of Calvert County including:

To schedule your drain cleaning in Lexington Park simply fill out the form to the right of this page or call (301) 278-8786. We have availability 7 days a week for your convenience.

Clogged or slow drains are a common plumbing issues. However, when left untreated it can result in other major issues within the plumbing infrastructure. Often, many homeowners tend to treat a blockage or clogged drain with chemical products on the market. In many cases, this can only make things worse.

While there are many plumbers who may proivde drain cleaning in the Lexington Park, MD area, A Better Plumber’s team of  plumbing technicians are experts in troubleshooting and repairing clogged pipes. Whether it’s the bathroom or the kitchen we can quickly tackle clogs in any plumbing fixtures.

At some point, you will encounter a blocked drain. Yet, there are a number of reasons why a drain becomes blocked. There are many instances, in which a clogged drain can be contributed to our own negligence, sometimes it’s out of our homes. Check out the common causes of a clogged drain.

Improper Disposal of Food Waste

Food waste should never be disposed of down the drain, even if you have a garbage disposal system installed. Food particles like coffee grounds, tea leaves, grease, and oil don’t break down instead it solidifies in the pipes causing a blockage.  Foods like pasta and rice will swell when it comes into contact with water which leads to it to collect at the bottom of the drain instead of going down the pipes.

Contact our licensed professionals today to schedule a service appointment. (301) 278-8786

Tree Root Infiltration

Even the smallest crack or leak in the sewer line provides the perfect opportunity for shrubs and tree roots to start growing inside the sewer pipes. Tree roots are attracted to the water inside the pipelines since it provides the nutrients it needs to grow. Once inside, they will grow quickly and bigger resulting in obstruction of the water flow resulting in pipe damage. Sewer lines that were constructed before the seventies are more susceptible to tree root infiltration.  These sewer pipes were constructed from clay or concrete which are porous and easily breaks.


Leaves, dirt, sticks and even rodents can make its way into the sewer line especially if the pipes have separated due to pressure. Leaves can easily flow into the sewage especially if there is a large accumulation of them. In instances, like this, you’ll need a skilled plumber to inspect the pipes and remove any outside contaminants from your home’s pipelines.

Offset Pipes

Offset pipes can interfere with the normal flow of water in the sewer line. Older sewer lines were built in sections of three. When the ground shifts or moves around so does the pipelines. This will cause clogging or blockage in the drains inside your home.

Common Causes of Clogs in Shower and Tub Drain

Is there standing water inside the tub after a bath or shower? When the water fails to drain it can be contributed to a blocked drain. A blocked shower or tub drain can be an inconvenience. Here are some reasons why your drain may be clogged:

Hard Water

Hard water has high mineral content. It leaves a white film around your bathtub, in and around the drain. Hard water can prevent soap scum and cleaning agents from dissolving completely.  Everything tends to stick to hard water which can result in major blockage. Hard water is made up of limescale, calcium and magnesium deposits. When these deposits accumulate in the pipes the flowing water reduces. Copper,  PVC and steel pipes are more susceptible.

Soap Deposits and

Soap scum which comes from paraffin soap is an insoluble substance. It presents itself in the form of a white sticky film that easily builds up around the tub and your pipes. It can take several layers of soap scum to cause a blockage. However, when hard water meets soap scum it creates a lime soap which is the problem.


From shaving, trimming and washing your hair, you’ll be surprised at just how much hair gets trapped at the bottom of the drain. In fact, it takes just a little bit of hair to cause the drain to start running slowly and eventually back up. Hair also bonds to other sticky substances which can make for one big clog.  You can prevent hair from causing clogging by using a bottom and top drain cover to filter hair from flowing into the drain.


From shaving, trimming and washing your hair, you’ll be surprised at just how much hair gets trapped at the bottom of the drain. In fact, it takes just a little bit of hair to cause the drain to start running slowly and eventually back up. Hair also bonds to other sticky substances which can make for one big clog.  You can prevent hair from causing clogging by using a bottom and top drain cover to filter hair from flowing into the drain.

Common Causes of Backed Up Toilet

Toilets consume as much as forty percent of a household’s overall water usage. Yet, when they are backed up in can waste much more water. That’s why it’s important to repair a blocked up toilet as soon as possible.

Overload of Toilet Paper

Too much toilet paper will prevent the toilet from flushing and the water from flowing. A couple of courtesy flushes while using the toilet can help prevent things from clogging.

Flushing Non-Flushable Items

Wipes, tampons, diapers, paper towel and other waste that shouldn’t be disposed of in the toilet will result in blockage. These types of items cause obstruction in the pipelines. Even if they do make it down the toilet eventually tissue or another substance will snag on it making it impossible to properly use the toilet.

Old Toilet

Older toilet models tend to be low flow which means they aren’t constructed with enough flushing pressure. As a result, these toilet models can become easily backed up with just a small amount of particles.

Faulty Flapper

The flapper or toilet handle is what allows water to flow from the tank all the way down to the toilet bowl. When it doesn’t open all the way it won’t fill the toilet bowl with enough water. This can also contribute to frequent clogs.

Object Stuck in the Trap

The trap at the bottom consists of an S-shaped tube that prevents toxic gases from entering your home through the toilet. When large objects that can’t bend to the shape of it get stuck things can get messy. Often a plunger can be used to clear smaller particles like debris and hair. However, items like a toothbrush may require professional help.

Clogged Plumbing Vent

The toilet drains itself through a vent in the roof. When the vents get clogged or blocked the toilet will flush much slowly and it won’t drain properly. Every time you flush the toilet the vents will become more blocked.

Top-Rated Drain Cleaning Lexington Park, MD, Service

If you’re experiencing frequent blockage in your home’s plumbing system, it’s time to hire a professional plumber to perform a clogged draining cleaning in your Lexington Park home. Drain cleaning can restore and improve the condition of the pipes. Hiring a professional plumbing contractor can is essential if you desire quality results.

At A Better Plumber our technicians have received extensive training in this field. As experts, we’ll get them to the root of your draining issue and determine the appropriate solution. We’re open seven days a week and can provide around the clock with our emergency services. Contact us today Contact us today so we can dispatch a uniformed professional as soon as possible.

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