Trenchless Sewer Repair


If your home is suffering from a badly cracked or damaged sewer line you have come to the right place. Our team of dedicated local plumbers can get your home’s waste flowing safely again with our trenchless sewer line repair in Lexington Park, Md. When shopping around for the right company to undertake such an important task there’s no doubt that you want to hire only the best in the business! In addition to being highly skilled and vell versed in trenchless sewer line replacements, you’ll want a company that is straightforward, honest, and fairly priced. A company that sees you as a human being. A company that will perform the job to the fullest of their ability, with integrity, quality craftsmanship and affordable pricing.

Here at A Better Plumber we are the #1 reviewed local plumbing company in Lexington Park for a reason! We have spent over 2 decades developing a reputation in Saint Mary’s County as a fairly priced, highly skilled plumbing shop. So whether you are dealing with a crack in your sewer line, root intrustions, or rotted out cast iron we have a solution for you. Give us a call today to schedule a free no-obligation estimate and understand the repair timeline and all associated costs of a trenchless sewer line repair in Lexington Park!

We offer fast and affordable sewer line replacement service in Lexington Park, Leanardtown, Saint Mary’s City, Mechanicsville, California, Charlotte Hall, & Golden Beach Maryland.

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Common Problems with a Sewer Line

Some of the most common problems our plumbers have come across when it comes to sewer lines include the following:

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What Is A Trenchless Sewer Repair?

In order to understand the difference between standard trench dug sewer line repair and the trenchless method we must explore both. Traditionally a sewer line repair consists of digging a trench in the yard directly over the area the sewer line runs to expose the the damaged section(s) of pipe. With the latest technological advancements in plumbing, there is now a new, non-invasive technique for repairing sewer pipe without digging trenches in your front yard. Trenchless sewer repair enables a highly skilled plumbing contractor to repair a damaged sewer pipe without digging a large trench.

The harder part is determining which method is right for your home and property. This determination is reached only after careful examination of your project. The amount of damage to the line will be one variable. If the line has completely collapsed, a trenchless sewer line replacement may not even be an option.

Is Trenchless Sewer Line Replacement The Right Option For You?

To assist us in making this determination we will perform a manual inspection of both the sewer line and your home’s landscape. To aid in the examination of the buried sewer pipe we utilize a sewer line camera. This allows to dive deep into the line with video recording and a display screen. The camera will tell us most of what we need to know regarding the nature of the blockage or severity of the damage.

The best way to find out if trenchless sewer line repair is right for you Lexington Park home is to schedule a free estimate with A Better Plumber. We’ll walk you through your options for repair and the costs associated so that you have all of the information you need to make the decision that is right for you.


When dealing with trenchless sewer line repair over the traditional method the first major benefit is the reduced cost. When a trench is dug for a traditional repair it typically requires the rental of excavation equipment or additional labor to hand-dig the trench necesssary to reach the pipe. This means a traditional trench-dug sewer line replacement can cost upwards of $15,000 when you add up the labor, materials, & time costs. The trenchless repair method eliminates many of those expenses as the most of them apply to the digging and then backfilling of the trench itself! There is also the major benefit of leaving your yard largely undisturbed. If you have a nicely landscaped yard, the last thing you want to do is pay a plumbing company to damage it only to turn around and pay your landscaping company to restore it to it’s former beauty.

Another major benefit of opting for trenchless sewer repair in Lexinton Park is the timeline for the repair. While a standard sewer line replacement can take several days to complete, trenchless repairs generally take a day or two.

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